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Transnational Marketing Journal (TMJ) is dedicated to publishing high quality contemporary research into transnational marketing practices and scholarship while encouraging critical approaches in the development of marketing theory and practice. TMJ is an exciting new title which promotes and show-cases current research into marketing practices and challenges crossing national borders. Transnational Marketing Journal aims to publish high-quality papers on transnational marketing, the emphasis being on current interests, marketing practice and theory development. The journal offers an outlet for research and scholarship in this growing field in marketing research. The focus of Transnational Marketing Journal is on empirical findings, methodological papers, theoretical and conceptual insights as well as debates and reviews in all areas of marketing regarding marketing practices across borders, reaching multiple countries. A rather critical stance towards marketing theory and practice distinguishes the journal from others. Multidisciplinary contributions are particularly welcome as well as cross-disciplinary debates.


Vol 4, No 2 (2016): Special Issue: Taste of City: Food and Place Marketing

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Co-edited by Evinc Dogan and Ibrahim Sirkeci

Table of Contents


Editorial: Taste of City, transnational food and place marketing PDF
Evinc Dogan, Ibrahim Sirkeci 59-61


Nutrition and Food in the Green city PDF
Paolo Corvo, Raffaele Matacena 62-71
Balancing Act: Identity and Otherness among Latin American Immigrants and their Food Practices PDF
Paulette Kershenovich Schuster 72-83
Nation Branding in A Transnational Marketing Context: Serbia’s Brand Positioning Through Food and Wine PDF
Evinc Dogan, Goran Petkovic 84-99
The Budding Aromas from Taco Trucks: Taste and Space in Austin, Texas PDF
Robert D. Lemon 100-109
Exploring Potentials for Culinary Tourism through a Food Festival: The Case of Thessaloniki Food Festival PDF
George Chatzinakos 110-125
Lyon – UNESCO’s Creative City of Gastronomy? PDF
Cecilia Avelino Barbosa 126-132
Food and wine tourism and urban local development PDF
Gabriele Di Francesco 133-142
Transnational Döner Kebab taking over the UK PDF
Ibrahim Sirkeci 143-158

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