Pricing: The New Frontier by Gabor Rekettye and Jonathan Liu

Pricing: the New Frontier by Rekettye and Liu

Pricing: The New Frontier
by Gábor REKETTYE and Jonathan LIU
Published: February 2018

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The importance of pricing and price management is growing all over the world, primarily due to the turbulent economic situation, accelerating technological development, the saturation of markets and the globalization of competition. All these trends affect the achievement of company objectives, place prices, pricing and price management in a context that differs greatly from what has been known before.


  • About the Authors


    Gábor REKETTYE is a Hungarian marketing author and professor. At present he is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Pécs and Honorary Professor at the University of Szeged.

    Jonathan LIU is Professor of Global Management at Regent’s University London, United Kingdom. He is also the Chairman of Ming Ai Institute London. He has previously taught at various other British universities. .

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